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I want free shit alastomia naisenkuvia

You know I got an old thot you can have. A couple hundred body snatchers in the projects. All you talk is banana clips, nigga you aint shot shit. What it's hittin' for? Where the car you were whippin' in yo video? See I cop em' in Atlanta bring em' back to Alabama Avenue. Nigga all I really wanted was the pyrex.

I want free shit alastomia naisenkuvia - Ilmaiset Seksivideot

Hook - Future, talkin bout you poppin tags, nigga you aint bought shit. Fully automatic rifle, 100 round drum on it with a scope I done had that, nigga (Brrrrrrr, stick 'em) I ain't playing with these niggas, just kill 'em, turn it Nigga talk shit, I'll blast that nigga Shoot. See me sitting in the trunk Niggas say they coming threw but they see me strapped up, what Nigga runnin' in your house for the brown bag Feds wanna know how much in the brown bag Nigga swinging. I'm so ratchet with that plastic Shit get drastic, leave him in the casket Now my nigga Mike WiLL giving me a chill pill But a nigga crunk still, plenty niggas got killed I don't give a fuck. When a bitch finish might purchase her a flight.

I want free shit alastomia naisenkuvia - Mike WiLL Made-It Shit

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Verse 2: Tracy T, my killas got shooters on shooters (3x). You know my plug stay connected like direct. You know I got a body bag in the trash. You a fraud, real niggas already know Broke ass niggas, I can't stand 'em I hit 'em with the cannon I'm buying off the mall at random Juicy J, that nigga fresh to death Smoke it till it's. Talkin bout you poppin tags, nigga you aint bought shit. Nigga couldn't fuck my old bitch. Fifty in the Mac take em' back to Benning Road. Couldn't believe it my niggas say he was sellin' grenades. Quarter thang, half thang, whole slab? I'm in Miami my bitches like "where Lebron at?". Where is the ice at nigga? It get crazy where I'm living it's tragic. Young Atlanta nigga pull a hammer on ya Pull up on a nigga in a California Teach a lame how to flip a couple numbers Whole summer dope runners getting more commers Money got me geekin damn I need more Alejandro. Intro: Rick Ross, all I ever wanted was a kilo. Might take her whole life, might fuck her all night, right, you know I hate to say it twice. Till they my little nigga with the rico. He ain't know a chopper price get this low. And eldre kvinner pa jakt etter unge gutter pieksämäki tell them niggas "come and get it let's go". You ain't even stickin' to the code You don't even represent the life right Pussy nigga sleepin' with a night light Comin' for ya head like Fight Night I can get anything done for the right price, boy! Fat Trel, Maybach Murda Gang, mastermind, double M, verse 1: Fat Trel. Strippa bitches in my kitchen with the semi's on the floor. All I know I want him dead by tonight. Niggas couldn't eat my old pussy. Pussy ass niggas ain't bout that life. How I like my bitch Y'all, niggas, ain't, shit! In front the coppers I got choppers for the combat. I'm in the kitchen I could tell you how the stove looking. (Bad Boy) Take that Hook Verse 4: Schoolboy Q Frontin' like you really on that bullshit Hunt him down, make a motherfucker do a full flip, chip, chip Nigga really really on that Crip shit Bisquick whip, whip, whip, nigga, move it!

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